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Ξ japanese jujitsu-ka Ξ

I am an unreliable uncontrollable monkey, a lunatic and a web expert if required!

If i actually flirt with myself here, i have a higher chance in losing your attention

" It is difficult to understand the universe if you only study one planet " wrote Musashi in the book of the five rings
It took me long to understand how this applies to me. I grew my knowledge in the solitude and results came out to be Splendid
From bar-tending at the age of 17 to Web Technical lead, i have taught myself on the way:
the art of web in most of its old and new forms
the art of music in playing guitar; again in it’s variety of styles from jazz to metal
the art of martial arts and i hold in that 5 years of tae-kwon-do experience followed by 5 years of Japanese jujitsu
the art of handiness and adaptation, i am like a cat… you know, i always land on all my 2 feet

Now that you have MET the ULTIMATE



web development

  • 75 yearsJavascript
  • 98 years HTML 5
  • 86 years CSS 3
  • 99 years PHP 5
  • 84 years MySQL
  • 75 years Facebook Graph API
  • 82 years Jquery
  • 91 years Jquery UI
  • 68 years Ajax


  • 93 years Wordpress
  • 68 years Prestashop
  • 75 years Email Marketing
  • 69 years Social Media
  • 75 years E-Commerce
  • 58 years Online Advertising
  • 64 years Google Tag Manager
  • 64 years Google Analytics


  • 63 years Adobe Photoshop
  • 42 years Adobe Illustrator
  • 36 years Adobe Premiere
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samer saad |
+961 3 29 56 92

skype: saad.samer
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